Art & Sculpture

Freedom of form - Fast curing - Lightweight - Fire resistant
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Making your piece of art with A1 is not only very enjoyable but offers also advantages such as:

- Freedom of form.
Because A1 can be laminated or sprayed, it is not limited in its final form. Flat, bent or curved or even multi-dimensional curved forms are possible.

- Is water based so safe to work with. No special requirements are needed while working with A1. Your own working area will do. You will be surprised how easy it is to work with A1.

- Does cure quickly. After 20 minutes A1 starts curing. If needed the setting process can be accelerated or retarded.

- By using EPS foam or polyurethane foam you can make any form wanted.

- Choose your own final look by just adding pigments and/or fillers such as coloured sand or even small stones. By using these possibilities you will always get unique art.

- Lightweight because of the usage of Triaxial fibre as reinforcement. Four layers of our Triaxial fibre creates a lightweight yet very strong (vandalism proof) product, which will have a thickness of less than 1 cm.

- Art made of A1 has excellent fire resistant characteristics, because A1 Lp01 is classified in relation to its reaction to fire as: B. The additional classification in relation to smoke production is: s1. The additional classification in relation to flaming droplets/particles is d0.

- Because of the limited investment in equipment A1 is suitable for both small and big sculptures or objects.