A1 Plaster

Natural look - Easy to use - Fast curing
A1 Plaster A1 Plaster is a high quality wall ... Bathroom wall With Plaster Finish we created a strong ...


A1 Plaster is a high-quality seamless wall finish plaster for home, office and even wet areas like bathrooms. A1 Plaster is available in different colours. By applying A1 Plaster in several layers many different colour schemes and effects can be achieved. So a beautiful and natural appearance can be achieved. After application, A1 Plaster can be sanded and provided with the corresponding A1 Sealer for a Satin or Matt finish.

A1 Plaster is easy to use and cures quickly. Depending on the substrate surface and desired performance 10 m2 per day can be finished completely. Due to unique properties, A1 Plaster is shrink-free and low-stress.


A1 Plaster is applied by hand and in thin layers (approx. 1 to 2 mm), so consumption is reduced to a minimum. Larger surfaces are no problem and a seamless finish without transitions is guaranteed. A1 Plaster is ideally suited to provide a nice look such as ancient decorative plasters, tiles, limestone and concrete elements.

A1 Plaster is available from 10 m2 and can be mixed by colour.


 An Instruction Sheet is available which you can download here.