Panels - Tax Office

Waterpark Playa - Esthie

Hironori Kwabata

Hanneke Pereboom

Workshop at Salone del Mobile - Milan

Karel Goudsbloem

Façade - Kalverstraat

Panels - Olympic Hotel Amsterdam

Atlant - Maris Kononenko

Heidi - Line Jenssen

Concrete look - Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Fly over - Amersfoort

Jacek Kiciński - Altar in Chapel

Bartosz Banasik - Self-portraits


A1, the abbreviation for Acrylic One, is a two-component material consisting of a mineral powder and a water-based acrylic resin. These bind in such a way that a very strong material is created. A1 is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, fire-resistant and is easy to use.



How to Use A1

A1 must be carefully weighed and mixed.
The mixing ratio of A1 is 1 part A1 Liquid mixed with 2 parts A1 Powder. Use the stainless steel High Shear Mixer to create a swirl. 







Technical data

A1 is essentially an organic composite ideally suited for hand or spray lamination to create lightweight cladding systems.
The process of lamination is similar
to that employed in the manufacture of laminates (GRG).





You can now design the form and shape you always imagined. In combination with a number of fillers and pigments, you can create every desired expression.


A1 gives you new possibilities to create your own art object or sculpture. Strong and lightweight support moulds can easily be made of A1.


Create lightweight yet strong panels with A1 and Triaxial fibre and design the form, shape and expression you always imagined.


Strong and lightweight support moulds can easily be made of A1. Also casting or rotation casting in any desired look is possible.


A1 interior design applications can be used for: panels, columns and pillars, but also furniture, like chairs, desks and office objects are possible.


A1 Plaster is a high-quality seamless wall finish plaster for home, office and even wet areas. By applying in different layers followed by sanding, special colour schemes, shades and effects can be achieved.


A1 let you create whatever scenery you desire in applications such as panels, columns and pillars. But also objects, like chairs, desks and office objects are possible.



Here we will show you the basic principles working with A1.


Do you want to learn more about working with A1? With the advanced instruction, we will show several possibilities and applications.


On this page, you will find several special projects made with A1.

"I've been working for several years with A1 making large and small sculptures. I'm still inspired by the potential of this product to create lasting images in a wide range.
The A1 and its additives, pigments etc. make it possible to be able to perform almost any project."

A1 is only a combination of a powder and a liquid, but you can make too many different materials. If you think real is better please try A1 as a final look, trust me you will have a better look than the real prototype as we have experienced many times.

It is easy to apply and healthy to use it, so you will never feel you are doing something wrong for the environment. It is water based, starts curing in 20 min, can be demoulded in 60 minutes and is fully cured within 7 days.

A1 helps you to do your dreams, you do not need any other material for supply these products. It is an amazing composite and it has a fine finish. With the product, you can get your fingertip as detail finish. How much detail you want to show or see that much you can get it.

As for last words, it is unique, environmental and easy to use.

Ata Beğendiik

"Quick delivery and excellent service of a fine product!"


It is quite easy to get started with A1 and the first results will be impressive. After some time you will discover more possibilities which will also raise new questions. In this sections of our website, we will give you answer to the most asked questions. You will also find here more info about the basic and more advanced training.

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